How To Make Money Online If No One Knows You

How To Make Money Online If No One Knows You

It’s not for everyone, because in all honesty, it either takes effort or capital to start.


But it is an excellent approach to be known and trusted in the digital marketing scene. You can start making money online if no one knows you, without your own email list or without a history online. 

It’s not new by any means. It’s not sexy or high-tech. But it has time and time again proven to be a great income generator.

Here it goes.   

Have a PLR product created, or design one yourself; you then go on to sell it on either Warrior of JVZoo because that’s where you’ll find the best buyers.

This strategy will make you money.

You can forget about health, dating or any other niches. Creating a product in the make money online niche is a genius move because that’s what’s selling best at the moment.

Many “how to make money online”products recommend purchasing and editing high-quality PLR, and this is precisely what you’re going to offer. Conduct your market research and find out what is selling well.

Digital marketing products go in trends

For a while, anything relating to a specific social media platform will be on high demand, and then something else will replace it. Follow the trend and decide which hot selling topics you are going to base your PLR products on. Again, Warrior and JVZoo are your best bet for your market research. New offline marketing offers are typically hot sellers, as are Amazon and Facebook.

Ebooks, don’t sell as well as they used to. Be creative and call your PLR a strategy or a blueprint. Break your content into manageable bites using bold fonts for the headlines. Add pictures to break the text, so that it doesn’t look too dense. Ideally, your content can be distilled into blog posts, emails and used as lead magnets. Choosing to outsource everything, including sales page and graphics, should cost you around $500.


PLR videos can be a good option or even PLR software.

If you acquire a software to create software, you can provide new software every single week if you feel like it. A good idea for which software you want to create is all that you need. All things being equal, the first campaign should pay for the initial investment. PLR is the perfect way to be known and trusted in the make money online niche because you don’t need a track record or prior experience.

I talked about upsells in my previous article. (Check it out HERE, if the value of an upsell is not something you are not familiar with). I would strongly recommend making the PLR rights to your product the upsell to the initial offer. Think about it, sell the frontend offer with personal usage only for $9.99, and then offer the upsell PLR rights for $19.

If you pick the right topic making a $1,000 every time you do this is entirely possible. The sales letter should showcase your product within, that way your prospect can appreciate, upfront, the high quality of your offer.

From then guess what happens?

Guess who will be your best clients? The same customers who bought your previous offer. Each month you’ll be building your customer list. And when you release a new PLR, you can give priority access to your buyers, and encourage them to join your team of affiliates.

If you stick with it and put out at least one product every 30 days, you should see your income compound every single month.

  • Yes, it’s old school. 
  • Yes, it does take effort to create a PLR or money to get it done by a professional. 
  • No, it’s not sexy. 

But it can produce an excellent income.

To your success,



    1. Thank you Nila, is that a strategy you are planning on using? And you are welcome. Your blog is gorgeous with really good travel tips and beautiful photography.

      1. I’d like to add this to what I’m already doing but can never seem to find the time for eBook.
        One of my readers requested that I make a photo book on South America that includes my photos – I’m toying with this idea at the moment.
        Thank you for the great feedback – you’ve made my day! I only write about places I’ve travelled to and don’t Ghost write. So, I always try and give my readers my honest experience. Please feel free to share my posts or visit my portfolio. 🙂

        1. I will for sure ! In the meantime feel free to download this free report on how 6 figure launches are pulled off. You’ll find a lot more info. It will help you make an educated decision on whether this is for you or not.
          Hope you enjoy the content. Regarding your photo book you should definitely go for it. Look up rosemood they make really cool books and it’s fairly cheap.

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