How To Build A Mailing List Of Hungry Buyers

If you’ve been building a business online for any length of time you’ve probably heard it before, “The money is in the list”. So just in case you still need convincing here is why you should start building your list as soon as today.

Building a list is a way of ensuring that no matter what happens, you own your traffic and it cannot be taken away from you. Once you have enough subscribers, you’ll have your own source of traffic that you can access and pull income from anytime. 

There are many ways you can get targeted traffic, using paid or free strategies. Using social media, SEO, content marketing or even solo ads (to name but a few). But all traffic methods have one major thing in common — YOU rely on someone else for your traffic.

Let’s be honest, you can’t even count on a big social media. Facebook or Instagram could choose to delete your account any time without notice. People who had huge lists of followers suddenly found themselves scrambling to recover their tribe for no other reasons than a “change of policy”.

But if you managed to get your followers to sign up to your list, you will always be able to stay in touch with them, you’ll OWN your traffic.

In this article, we’re going to take a look at some of the best ways to build a list in today’s marketing climate. We’ll cover powerful ways to get traffic, how to manage your list effectively, and maximize your outreach.

Getting Started

The first thing you’ll need, is an autoresponder service (no shit Sherlock!!). You may have one already, but if not, let’s discuss what you should look for in a provider, and which ones are the most popular.


The first criteria most people look for is price. It’s true that there are some providers that are free, but there are a couple of issues to consider when using a free service.

First, free providers are usually only free up to a certain number of subscribers. After that, some of them can be just as expensive as other providers, if not more so.

Second, free providers will be lacking in features compared to the more popular paid services, so you might later find that you’re missing some functionality that another provider could give you.

Third, free services have a lower deliverability rate, (you get what pay for) because they aren’t whitelisted by common ISPs like the big-name providers are. This means your emails will go into peoples’ spam boxes, making your emails essentially useless.

If you don’t mind any of these issues, free providers can be a great way to get started. You can always download your list and upload it to another provider later if you are unhappy with the one you choose.

In my opinion the best free autoresponder:


Features are obviously another very important factor in choosing an autoresponder provider. In the beginning, you may not know which features you’d like to have, but eventually you might like to have some of the more advanced features like A/B/ split testing, advanced tracking, etc. 

Some good features to look for:

  • Attractive email templates that are easy to customize
  • The ability to segment lists
  • The ability to import and export lists
  • Integration with social media or e-commerce platforms you use
  • Spam scoring
  • High deliverability
  • Tracking and analytics built in

Ultimately, you’ll have to decide which features are most important to you in order to make sure a provider has all of the features you’re looking for.


Depending on which market you’re in, you may be concerned about being sure you’re complying with your provider’s terms of service. And some providers are much more lenient than others, especially when it comes to markets that are considered high-risk or taboo, such as adult entertainment, or anything related to alcohol, firearms, or drugs.

Even some erotic romance authors have had their accounts shut down by certain providers, and all they were doing was sending out emails about book releases.

So if you’re in a market that some people might have issues with, be sure you read the rules of a potential provider carefully before you sign up, and make sure their rules aren’t going to conflict with the purposes you need to use it for.

Popular Providers

Here are, in my opinion, the two best autoresponder services and they both come with 30 days free trials:



Traffic And Leads

The most important factor of your email marketing campaign is, of course, getting subscribers. Without subscribers, everything else is useless.

A lot of guides you might have read on email marketing are probably still giving you old tactics that don’t work that well anymore, such as blogging and article marketing. Sure, those tactics can bring in some subscribers, but only if you’re doing it on a very large scale.

There are far more effective ways of building a list. In fact, some of them will not only get you a higher number of subscribers, but also more responsive subscribers—meaning they’re more likely to click links and potentially buy things.


Contests can be a great way to gain subscribers. Contests usually have some sort of entry requirement, such as submitting a drawing, poem, story, etc. Then there’s a prize given to the winner, or perhaps several winners. 

People will gladly give their email address for a change at winning a prize, especially if the prize is related to the niche they are interested in.


Giveaways are similar to contests, except there’s usually no entry requirement. There may be a minor entry requirement, such as sharing on social media.

The prize doesn’t have to be anything too huge. Many people will enter a giveaway for something as small as a $20 gift card or even smaller if it’s related to the niche they are passionate about.

The most popular platform for hosting giveaways is:



And my favorite, http://www.PerkZilla.comwhere you can reward people and help your site go viral! 

Social Media

Social media is a great way to connect with potential subscribers, but it requires consistent interaction and tribe-building in order to really connect with your target audience so you can convert that activity into a subscriber.

Some people may join your list just based on the content you share, but it’s a lot more likely that they’ll subscribe if you take the time to respond to their comments and interact with them. It will make them feel like they know you personally, and people typically respond well to this.

Remember that some social networks can be directly integrated with some of the major autoresponder services, which will make it a whole lot easier to gain subscribers from those sites.

Free with Shipping

Another fantastic way to build a list that helps you get potential buyers onto your list, not just subscribers, is the “free with shipping” offer. My good friend, business partner and mentor, Dean Holland has a great free training If you want to know more about “free with shipping” offers. Click the banner below for instant access.

Advanced Techniques

Now let’s talk about some ways you can boost your subscriber base even more, through using special scripts and tactics.

Landing Pages

FACT: Sending your traffic to a landing page rather than your website will drastically increase the number of people who opt in to your list.

Okay, I know what you are thinking. You don’t have the first clue how to build a landing page!! It’s a valide point and it used to be a real issue. As in you’d actually need to hire a small army of geeks to build just a single landing page and get it to work with your autoresponder.

Today, if you know how to click with your mouse, you know how to build websites…..let that sink in.

There are tons of wannabe site builders, but as far as this marketer is concerned there is only one that does exactly what you need it to do and so much more. Don’t take my word for it, take it for a spin! Click the banner below and open your FREE account.

Make It Obvious

Another killer tactic for increasing conversions on your opt-in page or form is to offer people a second option to subscribing, word it in a way that people feel like not subscribing would be a big mistake.


Enter your email address to find out exactlynow I made $37,056 in just 10 days!

And your second option could say:

No thanks, I already have too much money!

We all know that there are very few people in the world that actually believe they have too much money. The clear majority of people, no matter how wealthy they are, want more money. So clicking that second option just seems so absolutely ludicrous that entering their email address seems like the only appropriate choice. 

Obviously, they could just close the popup or leave the page, but you’d be surprised just how many people will subscribed when faced with such a choice.

Set & Forget System

Alright, now that we’ve talked about some different methods, it’s time to put it all together into a set-and-forget system that will let you build your list nearly on autopilot, even while you’re sleeping!

Here’s what you’ll need:

  1. An autoresponder service
  2. A domain name
  3. Web hosting
  4. WordPress
  5. A page builder
  6. A lead magnet
  7. An opt-in page

First, you need to choose an autoresponder service. You can use a free one such as Mailer Lite or MailChimp in the beginning, if you want. You can always migrate to a different company later.

Next, you need to set a domain name up on a web host in order to be able to put your opt-in page online. 

You can get a domain name affordably at:


A good host that will make it easy to set up WordPress is:


They have affordable plans, and they have a software installer in their cPanel that makes it a cinch to install WordPress. They even have detailed instructions on how to do it. Plus, they have a wealth of additional tutorials, too.


Once you’ve installed WordPress, find the clickfunnels plugin by searching WordPress’s plugin database.

Follow the instructions from your email provider and clickfunnels to complete the integration. At that point, you can start building your first landing page, make sure you use pops up.

Next, configure an autoresponder that sends an email with a link to your lead magnet as soon as someone subscribes. Be sure to upload the file, which should be a report based on an important topic related to your niche, to your server, and send yourself a test email to be certain the email works and that the link takes you to the file correctly.

Finally, create a permanent page on your WordPress blog containing your opt-in page. Configure the popup so that it appears on other pages, but not this one so you don’t end up having two opt-in forms on the same page.

Once you have all of this done, you’re ready to start sending traffic to your squeeze page!

If you get stuck, check out HostGator’s tutorials, or check YouTube. There are videos available that will show you how to do pretty much anything you could imagine in an easy, step-by-step manner.

Final Words

A lot of people are intimidated by the thought of building a list. They seem to think it’s too hard, or that no one cares what they have to say, or that it’s too expensive. 

Thankfully, it’s actually a lot easier than you might think.

We’ve talked about how to choose the right autoresponder service for your purposes, some different ways to get more subscribers, and how to get started in a step-by-step fashion.

Hopefully you’ve learned a lot, but more importantly, I hope you’ll put what you’ve learned into practice. Having an email list will be incredibly beneficial, no matter what type of business you’re in.

The initial setup shouldn’t take more than a couple of hours, and once your squeeze page is set up, you’ll be ready to pull in subscribers.

Once you have those subscribers, be sure to treat them well. A list that is nurtured carefully, given lots of quality content, and trained to buy is worth its weight in gold, and will be a source of income to you for years to come.

I hope you found this article useful, if you did drop a comment and let me what was your biggest take away.



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