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5 Strategies To Get Tons Of Blog Traffic

Today we’ll try and keep it short and to the point. I know your time is precious, and I want to make sure you know about these 5 strategies to get tons of blog traffic.

So, let’s begin!

1: Create appropriate content and circulate it to the right platforms. Instead of always pursuing evergreen content, create fresh, trending content that is relevant to the world at that instant.

2: Identify the goal of your content. Focusing on satisfying Google or optimising for clicks will take you partially there. However, it won’t be sufficient to keep users entertained and engaged with your site. Generate content that serves a goal.

3: Use content created by experts. It can be video content, interviews, podcasts, guest posts, roundup posts or webinars.

The purpose is to incentivise industry authorities to generate content for your blog! Get a head up for new content, and then share your posts to their readers.

4: Build attention-grabbing content. From other leading sites.

  • Review their offers.
  • Offers comparisons of their products over competitors
  • References other articles on their blog

By writing content that gives value to other websites in your niche, you have the chance to create a new traffic source other than your organic reach.

5: Know what your followers want to learn. Reach out on social media, and ask what your audience needs. Source ideas from comments, email reply or feedback from past customers.

Generate a list of problems that they need help with. Use SEO tools to classify the appropriate keywords to use in that content.

Moreover, if you anticipate your readers to be engaged, you also need to be engaged.

Reply to comments, ask questions, for feedback, and be open to their opinions. You can even open your platform up to user-contributed content.

Be consistent and keep it on posting.

If Blogging is a race, then it’s a marathon. Not a sprint!

As always, I welcome your feedback and contribution. What’s your strategy to grow your blog traffic?


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  1. This post has some really good ideas about gaining blog traffic. One thing that I have never been comfortable with is writing content just for the sake of Google or because something is trending. It has to be personal to me in some way.I wrote the post about motivation and the Art Institute closing, which seems to be a popular one so far, because it is personal to me. I literally attended that school and I found its closure shocking. I hope that I can keep the momentum going. I am not sure that looking things from a personal perspective is the right approach to blog posting but I find it difficult otherwise. Anyway, thanks for the great post!

    1. Hi Donna, yes it is difficult! What I tend to do is try and do both. I have articles for which I’ll do extensive keywords research and write with SEO in mind but still provide as much value as possible. Sometimes I learn something really cool and just want to share it fast, even though Google doesn’t like it because it’s too short. But to be honest they are my favourite kind to write because they are straight to the point and still deliver great information. I think people enjoy them more than the lengthy 2000+ words piece. You should check my latest one on blogging.
      I think it will be of interest to you. Thank you for getting in touch and for the retweet 🙂

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