4 Traits Of An Entrepreneurial Mindset

The people with the most prosperous entrepreneurial mindset tend to concentrate more on earning than on investing.

While the wealthy know the value of investing and saving, the bulk of their energy is focused on expanding their wealth by serving people and solving problems.

After all, how can you save and invest if you don’t have any money?

Here are 4 Traits Of An Entrepreneurial Mindset, that you can use in your life to grow your income.

4 Traits Of An Entrepreneurial Mindset

1: Change Your Mindset About Money

A successful entrepreneur was being interviewed on a podcast when he announced, with no apparent stress, that he had lost everything that very morning. 

“Aren’t you devasted?” Said the host.

“Why should I be? I AM money. I AM my best investment. I’ve made millions before, and I’ll make my next one before the month is out.”

Becoming wealthy springs from the way you feel, believe and act about money!

By the age of seven years old, we are programmed not with our thoughts and belief system, but with other people’s thoughts and belief system. So if your core program tells you that being rich is wrong, you will never be wealthy.

“You have to rewire your mind and instil the belief that money is GOOD and that you deserve it.”

You need to let go of all the preconception that you have about being rich. Learn to see money as a means to an end. Something that you can use to change the world for the better. 

Once your belief about money has changed, then your job is to find meaningful solutions to significant problems.

Just look around! There are things just waiting for you to resolve, develop and create them. Recognizing the want or need and answering it is the only secret you need to know about making money.

(It’s so important that we dedicated a whole article about it Making Money Online Breaking The Myth)

Anyone that can condition their mind to approach money this way, and follow that thought with action can do this!

4 Traits Of An Entrepreneurial Mindset

2: Develop Multiple Streams of Income

Begin with the income that you have and develop that revenue while compounding more income flows. Try and make sure your streams are in the same niche. 

Let’s say; you start a dog walking business. 

You use your profits and open a doggy daycare while appointing someone to take over your dog walking tasks. 

You then invest in pet salon equipment to add the doggy daycare. Then acquire more space to board cats as well as dogs. 

You’ll eventually be selling dog and cat supplies and start a site dedicated to cats and dogs on which you sell advertisement and affiliate products. 

‘That’s SEVEN streams of revenue, with further possibilities to expand.

3: Don’t Keep the Money Invest It!

Break down your financial goals into daily bits. 

It allows you to focus on how much money you need to make to be able to invest as much as possible each day and every day. 

Some day you’ll only invest $5, some days you’ll invest $100. It will get you into an investor mindset and will change your financial future for the better. 

4 Traits Of An Entrepreneurial Mindset

4: Look After Number 1! 

Pay yourself first! Regardless of conditions, always put money in your savings or investments. Do it before paying bills or spending it on anything. It’s true, tried and never-fail method of becoming rich. 

Have money sent out of your paycheck the moment it drops, do it. Anything you can do to save automatically is what needs to happen.

You could even get a second job or revenue stream and send all of that money to savings. 

Drop it into your savings account, and never use it unless you want to invest it.

Not very sexy, but it’s the truth. Earn, Save, Invest.

Do you save or invest? Let me know in the comments section. 

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