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Video Marketing In 2019

How To Profit From Simple Videos Why Video Marketing? Video Marketing is everywhere. Think of your favorite top brands. How many of them aren’t using video? I’ll go out on a limb and say zero. Most, if not all, successful businesses are using video in their marketing in some form or other. Video has, for […]

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Social Media Smart

The Power of Social Humans are, by their very nature, social creatures. Of course, everyone’s personality differs and some people are more sociable than others, but by and large we crave human contact. In recent years, social media has gone from simply being something that people logged into from time to time online, to being […]

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Social Media Marketing

FaceBook Group Domination

FaceBook Groups : One if not, “THE” easiest way to build a following and become a thought out leader in your market place. Why? Because Facebook groups are reliable, evergreen communication channels to your ever-growing community of like minded people. They let you take advantage of the heavy traffic that FB generate everyday to connect […]

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